"Sunday Drive"
"Birthday Party"
"Christmas Party Diptych"
"Four Figures, 1952"
"Young Bride and Groom"
"Boy with Pellet Gun"
"Christmas Octopus"
"Saturday Evening Post Abstraction I"
"Bird of Paradise"
"Blue Toucan"
"Girl in Swimsuit Collage"
"Girl in Baseball Cap Collage- Dark"
"Mother and Daughter in Hospital Bed"
"Asian Floral Abstraction"
Girl with her Dog (28x36).jpg
Three Generations of Women (28 x 36).jpg
Babies in their Stollers(54x54).jpg
Backyard Birthday Party(26x38).jpg
Easter Sunday (28x 40).jpg
Backyard Pool Party (28 x 36).jpg
Girl in Bathing Suit (50 x 54).jpg
Girl in Baseball Cap (12x14).jpg
Grandfather (28 x 36).jpg
Mother and Child (24x24).jpg
Grandmother (42x54).jpg
Young Girl on Backstep(18 x 24).jpg
"Point Place I"
"Point Place II"
"Point Place III"
"Point Place IV"
"Point Place V"
"Point Place VI"
"Point Place VI"
"Point Place VIII"
"Point Place IX"
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