"Medium Pale Louisiana Cotton with 1937 Letter"
"December Louisiana Cotton I- 2015"
"Large Louisiana Cotton Abstraction (Chinese Painting)"
"Large Turquoise Louisiana Oyster I- September 2016"
"Neutral Cotton Abstraction I- Horizontal, January 2016"
"Soft Louisiana Cotton Triptych I"
"Camouflage Cotton on Oil Paper II"
"Camouflage Cotton on Oil Paper III"
"Medium Neutral Louisiana Oyster- September 2016"
"Camouflage Cotton on Oil Paper I"
"Large Square Louisiana Cotton with Purple and Silver"
"Large Soft Louisiana Cotton Abstraction- February 2016"
"Large Louisiana Cotton with 1937 Letter I"
"Louisiana Cotton with Metallic Gray- January 2016"
"Medium Vertical Pale Louisiana Cotton Abstraction- January 2016"
"October Louisiana Cotton Triptych"
"Large January Cotton Abstraction I"
"Large Pale Louisiana Cotton Abstraction- January 2016"0
"Large Dark Louisiana Cotton Abstraction- February 2016"
"November Louisiana (Indian) Cotton"
"Louisiana Cotton- White Gold I (February 2016)"
"November Louisiana Cotton I-2015"
"Neutral Louisiana Cotton Boll- November 2015"
"Louisiana Cotton Boll Abstraction I- January 2016"
"Cotton and Wallpaper Collage I"
"Small Cotton and Wallpaper Collage"
"cotton and Wallpaper Collage III"
"Cotton and Wallpaper Collage IV"
Costa Rica MahiMahi
Costa Rica Sea Bass
Costa Rica Red Fish
Costa Rica Rooster Fish
Costa Rica Sail Fish II
Costa Rica Sport Fishing I
Costa Rica Sail Fish I
Light of Costa Rica with Palm Tree
Abstraction of Costa Rica Landscape
"Large Louisiana Pelicans (on the Pier) I"
"Flying Louisiana Graphite Pelican Study I"
"Medium Louisiana Pelicans (in the Fog) I"
"Louisiana Pelicans on Pier- Study I"
"Louisiana Pelican in Graphite- Study I"
"Small Louisiana Pelicans in the Fog I"
"Louisiana Pelicans(in the Fog)- Oil Study I"
"Louisiana Pelicans (in the Fog)- Graphite Study II"
"Neutral Louisiana Oyster I- October 2016"
"Large Soft Louisiana Cotton I- October 2016"
"Medium Pale Louisiana Cotton Abstraction- May 2016"
 (40 x 48"). latex, charcoal, and oil on canvas. SOLD. Collection of Ann Erwin and Paul Jones.
"Soft Louisiana Cotton Abstraction- April 2016"
"Bold Louisiana Cotton Abstraction- September 2016"
"Intravia Louisiana Cotton Stalks"
"Soft Louisiana Cotton Abstraction with Royal Blue- September 2016"
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