"Becoming the Butterfly" at the Masur Museum of Art
to Oct 27

"Becoming the Butterfly" at the Masur Museum of Art

Seven years ago I stepped out into the desert on a journey led by my Intuition. I surrendered my life as I knew it to a Power greater than myself. Every step was led. Every thought was a choice on a journey to healing.

I had to experience enough paint to realize that my Self will was keeping me in the darkness. Once I became aware that my ego did not know what was best for my life, teachers appeared and have guided me to my soul's purpose in this lifetime.

Once I got a glimpse of the Light, I was determined to follow it on the path to Self Realization and Union with the Divine Within.

This installation contains symbols of my journey. My intellect could never have Imagined where this path would lead me, but I see now it is to a place of Wholeness I never imagined possible in physical body.

Each of these pieces is a symbol of my Journey toward the Light and the I set everyday to be Free of the Darkness I lived in for so long.

The greatest Love I have ever known is within every cell of my body. If I Listen, it guides my Thoughts and Actions in an effortless and seamless way away from pain and into the Miracles of my life that unfold daily.





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